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Monday, April 25, 2011

A Week in Review

So....I spent last week at.the.beach. Can you just hear the relaxation? The first part of the week it was just me and the manchild and a certain blonde Viking Vamp (I read 3 books while I was there - see previous post on getting my Vamp on so now I am on book 6 since I started re-reading the series). Mr. Cheeky made it down the last few days. It was a great week! True to form I took my cat whispering abilities with me. The day the manchild and I arrived to the house a little stray kitty came up to me and started loving on me. I am NOT kidding. Manchild and I just looked at each other and said "we can't take her home, we can't take her home, if she is still here by the end of the week we are gonna take her home". HA! Turns out that yes the little kitty was a stray but she had taken up residence with the neighbor beside us and was just coming to greet us and welcome us on our stay.

While there I did work on trying to rid myself of my farmer's tan. I accomplished getting the arms evened out....however I still have a farmers tan on my legs (no I am NOT gonna provide a pic - just use your imagination).

On Saturday we drove down to Ocean Lakes to visit with family that were having a little vacay themselves. Also, Saturday meant that finally....finally....after being back in the south almost a year (woot!) and visting the beach several times during that year, we FINALLY made it to (insert the sounds of trumpets) CRABBY MIKES (insert the sounds of angels singing). If you have been a follower of my blog for any time at all you know that I *heart* Crabby Mikes. As I was literally in crab heaven I kept looking at the people that were seated two tables over. I looked at Mr. Cheeky and said - "I know them" and turns out he did too! We ran into some people we went to highschool with Oh so many years ago! It was great seeing them and catching up if only for a few minutes.

Sunday was our last day there and what did I go and do? Well I will tell ya...I went and got myself sunburned so now all that work on getting the tan even that I did on my shoulders....yeah its probably gonna peel now. Great. Actually I did a really good job of getting back and shoulders are not happy with me right now.

Speaking of things that are not happy with me.....that would be Ted Jr. (see previous post). Well midway through the week (and knowing that his impending doom is close at hand), Jr. started hurting and hurting and hurting....nice. I spent the last couple of days trying to put most of the weight on my toes when I walked. Luckily, I have an appt with the doc tomorrow morning to find out Jr's fate or I should say his moving day (aka the day he is getting cut OUT). I am thinking if they can just go ahead and do it this week then that would be the best. Yes, it will hurt....yes it will take a long time to heal and I have places to go and shows to go to....but....I want him (and any remnants he thinks he is gonna leave behind) gone for good!

Hope ya'll had a good Easter weekend! Tune in tomorrow for the continuing story of the last days of Ted Jr.

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