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Monday, November 14, 2005

The concert ROCKED! but I still need another day to recover..

Here is a quick recap of the weekend's events..... Got up at the butt crack of dawn on Friday morning (4AM) to catch a flight to Minneapolis. 5 hours later (including layovers) land in Minnie. Decided I was tired and blew off shopping (yeah you know I had to be tired to do that) to lay around and rest. 4:30 that afternoon hit happy hour and met new people (a really good crowd). I really turned on the "twang" for them. Several beers later (I dunno, I lost count), walked down to the Target center for the show. Some local band opened up (actually they were not half bad). Then BON JOVI took the stage! Yep, I was a teenager again. I sang, I danced, drank more beer and sang several duets with the bald guy next to me (hmmm, maybe we should open up for them next time around).

After the show, we decided we were too wired to go home so we went to the Long Tree (I think that is what it was called) and danced (and drank more beer)for hours! Got back to the apartment around ummmm 2AM-ish Minnie time which means I had been up for 23 freakin hours!!!

I didn't sleep well even thought I was exhausted (big surprise, I never sleep anymore). Spent Saturday realizing that I was getting old (body aching but suprisingly no hangover). Went to the movies Sat. afternoon and saw Zathura - don't waste your time - Jumanji is far superior.

Sunday - did a little shopping then back home to Charleston. Got in around ummmm 10PM-ish. Still didn't sleep very well last night so I am dragging today. That is the quick version - will post more detail later.

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