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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome to the real world

So yesterday, was Monday. It was orientation day. In class I had quite a few pleasant new hires that were ready to get started. Then there was the cantankerous old fart. He is retired military. Which, if ya'll know me, is just fine. Except, this old fart doesn't get that the what happens in the military is not what happens in the real world. For example, part of starting any new job is that you have to complete new hire forms. He didn't bring the required documents. We talked and I told him by federal law we were required to do certain things. FEDERAL LAW. He continued to argue and stated many times that it wasn't this way in the military. Well guess what old're not in Kansas anymore....this is the real world and your government requires these things and if you can't comply by the end of business on Wednesday, you will be finding yourself a new job. Then he proceeded to glare at me for the next 8 hours. The entire class.

Now don't get me wrong.....I like those that have given of themselves to serve their country. I respect it. But...once you are out....don't expect the world to conform to you. Follow the rules. Geesh.

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