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Monday, October 19, 2009

So lets get caught up...shall we?

Last week was one big blur. I have been so busy I turned around and the week was gone! Work is busy busy. Home is busy busy - ok busy goofing off but that totally counts. So here are a few random things to get us back on track.

I will be having surgery on the 27th and will be out of work two weeks so I have been busy trying get things ready for that. Try to get things prepped and ready for someone to step in and keep things running. I will be in the hospital two days and actually be out of the office two weeks but its my plan to do some work from home the second week. I said that was my plan....doesn't mean that it will happen. It will depend.

Flowers, gifts, and flamingos of all shapes and sizes will be appreciated during my time of recovery and just may speed along the process (hint hint HA!).

Halloween cards are made, addressed, and ready to be mailed! I plan on sending them toward the end of this week. I have a few extra so if you want one just email me with your addy and its yours! Now its time to start coming up with my Christmas card ideas. I am thinking simple might be the way to go this year. Not sure yet.

Fall has returned (instead of winter) and the weekend was very nice. Sunny with a little nip in the air. Just the way fall should be. So we got somethings taken care of outside in prep for winter. Got the flower bed tilled under, the boat winterized and put in storage, sprinkler system blown out, hoses drained and put away.

So that is it....not exciting but hey....I am ok with that!

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