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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Revenge is sweet

Just ask Kittygirl. You will recall that last week I took the clippers to her to remove a few mats in her fur? Well, this weekend, Saturday morning to be exact, I was sitting at my dining room table. In the center of said table was a very lovely Compote Bowl from Princess House (was is the key word here). Now this piece of crystal has moved with me ummmm no less than 6 times with not even a scratch. Well, not anymore. Kitty was walking around doing her "look at me even though I don't want you to touch me" routine. There were some papers laying on top of the bowl that she thought she needed to read or something because she sort of sat up and swatted them down trying to get attention.....along with the Compote.....that managed to shatter on impact. Not just one or two little pieces....but lots of little tiny ones.

Never let it be said that cats don't take revenge....cause mine obviously do.

Cheeky who is off to find a Princess House rep to replace my compote!

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