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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Its Official....

This state is bad for my health. I am vitamin D deficient. And not just a little bit either. Apparently a lot of people in MN are deficient and just don't know it. Something about the lack of sun and then the angle of it when we do have it...blah blah blah. Oh and when I do go outside - because I am pale white like a vampire (hehe) I tend to use sunscreen. Yeah, good for not looking like a lobster (which I tend to do) but not so good if you want to get vitamin D from the sun.

Good thing is that I am finding out before the "winter blues" set in (yes, D deficiency is a key factor in that too...oh joy). I have a prescription for 50,000IU of vitamin D (the stuff you get over the counter is only 1,000IU so ummmm I don't wanna take 50 pills at once). Should be better in a couple of weeks.

Cheeky who says....I knew this state was bad for me.....

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