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Friday, April 18, 2008

I Am Not Allowed To Drop The F-bomb Today........

Miss Cheeky called me and asked if I would be willing to blogjack today. She said that she had to let The Manchild loose in the airport going up to random men and asking them "are you my daddy?" while she would be waiting at the baggage claim with a sign that says "Mr. Cheeky" and playing bow-chica-wow-wow music. I told her she might be fending off a bunch of men with the music, and if she comes across any good candidates to send them my way. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure if I want a man who responds to the bow-chica-wow-wow music and randomly approaching women in the airport. Hmmmm, gotta re-think this whole trying to meet someone angle.

Anyway, last night was nursing home night. As I was walking down the ramp to the floor my ladies are on, I was stopped at the base of the ramp by the Crazy Lady. (This was confirmed by employee gossip.)Conversation as follows:

CL (Crazy Lady): What is this,what are you wearing?

Me: It's a sweater. (Keep in mind I am a fairly conservative dresser, and was told that I could not wear anything that showed my shoulders and if I wore shorts, they needed to be bermuda-length.) So I am in a short sleeve sweater & jeans. Nothing very revealing.

CL: No, no it's not. You look like a hussy!

Me: Ummm, ok, I'm sorry I offended you, I will never wear this again. Excuse me.

She wouldn't get out of my way, so I had to walk around her all the while she is mumbling under her breath about what a hussy I am and how I shouldn't wear the clothes I was wearing.

Apparently she thought I was gonna try to steal her mens and who knows what else. All I've gotta say is, she's pretty darn lucky I left the mumu at home, otherwise she would really hate me. 'Cuz I can SO rock the mumu.

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