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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I really am color blind.....

I learned something new last week. When it comes to the races, I really am color blind. Now let me set the scene. Its Friday. I get my new copy of People Magazine and I am flipping through it and there is an article called The Black List about a new photo book of 25 famous African-Americans. I am just flipping through and there is when I see it. I did a double take. I looked at teenage daughter sitting beside me and said "well you learn something new everyday". There in the portraits was a picture of Slash. Now I have been a fan of Guns-n-Roses since my teenage days and I never ever once considered that Slash was African-American. Oh, I am sure that he had some sort of ethnicity to him but the thing was....I never even cared. I just considered him to be ....well....Slash! Now I know what you are saying, "just look at that hair" but that's just it - it never even dawned on me that he was anything other than Slash and I think that is a good thing.

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