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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Let's play a game....

So on one of the message boards someone started a little game yesterday and I thought it was cute and thought I would let ya'll in on the fun.

Go to Google and put in your name and the word needs after (like this: Cheeky needs) and then do a search and see what the first 10 things are. For this little exercise I used my real name.

Cheeky needs:

1. Help
2. A sewing machine
3. To get a clue
4. To add passion and talk a bit more about herself and her experiences and the things that make her angry.
5. To get help (yep it was there twice)
6. To warm up to animal welfare
7. More icons 'cuz she's SIMming again!!!
8. Time and Space
9. Help (the third time's a charm huh? Think somebody is trying to tell me something?)
10. To make sure that her noisy learning group does not disturb others when they are reading

Not gonna tag anyone but if you played let me know!

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