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Monday, August 18, 2008

I Blame My Daddy

You know, there are things in life that you can take total responsibility for and then there are things that you must blame on others....this is one of those things.

This weekend, I was watching TV, I don't even remember what channel - maybe it was the Sci-Fi channel I can't remember but that is not the point here so let's not get off track. So, I was watching TV (Yes, now I remember it WAS the Sci-Fi Channel) and I saw the previews for an upcoming movie. One about martial arts - but not just any martial arts - oh no, it was Kung Fu. As in David Carridine TV series Kung Fu. It was a movie starring none other than the aging David Carridine. It appears to be a contuation of the tv series where David aka Kwai Chang Caine (did I shock you that I knew that? Well I shocked myself) will have to come in and kick some bootay.

Now what I blame on my Daddy is the fact that when I saw this preview I immediately thought to myself "Wow, that looks like a good movie - I will have to remember when it comes on so I can watch it". Excuse me? I am a 36 year old scrapbooking girly girl and I want to watch a kung fu movie with David Carridine? See, I blame my Daddy because as kid, I was forced (yes forced cause when you are a kid - well when you were a kid back in the day - you watched what the Daddy watched) to watch this TV series. Every single time it came on TV we watched it. Its ingrained in me now. Not by choice. Now I know you are saying "Well, now you are an adult you can watch anything you want on TV" and I would reply to you "No, I can't - cause I actually LIKE this crap now". Can you imagine?

Perhaps it touches that dark super hero side of me where I picture myself as some big bad mamma jamma that would rather kick your bootay than to look at you. Perhaps it touches that mystical side. Perhaps - I should just blame my Daddy.

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