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Friday, July 18, 2008


In the summer? As a kid, summer was a time for sleeping in, lounging around, playing, and generally just doing what you wanted. As I got older, it was time to catch up on the soaps (shut it).

Today, at 6:54 in the AM....manchild's little friend was ringing the doorbell. He was bright eyed and ready to play. At 6:54 in the AM! Dude, I am here in my nighty shirt working (cause I can do that now) and you are wanting to play? With my manchild who will sleep as late as I let him? Well, come on in, I will wake him up. And that is precisely what I did.

Now ordinarily I would send the kid away until at least 8 but this particular kid is moving. His household goods are being packed up. He will be gone by next week. This is manchild's BFF and manchild was just so sad earlier this week when he thought that his friend had left and he didn't get a chance to give him his phone number (boys aren't big on doing that right away like girls are) so they can get together later (BFF is moving to another town that isn't very far away so play dates and sleep overs will be totally do-able).

So, its 7:34 and my manchild and his friend are playing.....what are yours doing? I bet they are normal kids.

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