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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Job Recap

I am glad to report that it is so far so good! My biggest challenge will be learning their system. And quite frankly that is just going to take some time. After getting a quick overview I was told to just..."play with it and see if I can break it".

I already have a few positions to work on so I am happy about that. I am going in today and tomorrow and I think that will be it as far as working from the office is concerned.

THANK YOU again for all the birthday wishes! I had a GREAT birthday and of course it included Lobster!! I always want lobster for my special occasion dinners. From the family I got some roses and a blue tooth for my phone(s). I also got a gift cert for another spa day (Woot!). Oh and I get a delayed gift as well - tickets to go see Journey in Sept.

I also got lots of GREAT cards and other goodies so I will be sharing those later this week.

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