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Monday, July 07, 2008

Oh yeah - I'm on vacay!

So, I set this weeks posts up on Saturday nite. So now its Monday and will never know. Oh and let me take this time to remind you that we are ONE WEEK...that's right people...ONE WEEK away from the day that Cheeky was birthed. Woot!

I guess its only fitting that I start with a quick weekend update.

Friday - its the holiday. I did nothing. Wait. I did do something. I saw firecrakers. Woot woot!

Saturday, it was all about getting ready for the vacay. Get the breaks done on the car - to the tune of .....well lets just say I could have 3 Coach bags for what it cost me mmmmkay? Then get the car home and then clean it up.....and get it ready. Then it was a little Rock Band and I played a few on EXPERT....let me say that again....E.X.P.E.R.T....I was the drummer. I rock. Just call me Tico Torres (and if you have to ask me who that is then I don't know you...Capish?).

Sunday.....well....considering I am writing this on Saturday night I can only assume that Sunday will be full of packing and interstate views. I will be taking notes and will have tales to tell when I return.

So I have decided, that this week as I write a few posts for your reading pleasure in my absence that I should at least do my duty and edumacate a few of you in the process. This week will be dedicated to a few of my favorite School House Rock Episodes.

For today.....well just click and see.....INTERJECTIONS!!

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