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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Zoo Update

So Monday we decided to go to the zoo after all. It was the most perfect day for walking around the zoo. I couldn't have asked for better weather. Just beautiful. Of course when we got there the kids always feel the need to hit the gift shop first and play. See.........

We really had a nice time and what was really cool is they had a butterfly garden. I have always wanted to go to one and now I have. It was really amazing. The butterflies were everywhere and just doing their own thing. Really cool. Very beautiful actually. Then I made a friend.....yes....he landed on the boobage....shut it!

My niece also had a visitor as well. She got some shoulder action.

I was really hoping that man child would have one land on him but he didn't. Maybe next time. The trip was really nice until the drive home. There was an accident on the interstate and it took us forever.

Yesterday was just a lay around and do nothing kind of day. We did go get our toes did. That is always nice. Well, except for man child. He just played with his friends.

Today its MOA!

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