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Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Update

Friday I skipped out of work early and then played in my crafty room. Made a few cards and they are in the mail already - woot!

Mr. Cheeky came home on Saturday.

Sooooo we were lazy slobs Saturday day then in the evening... well the pic speaks for itself.....

Nope....its not my ear...that is the teenage daughter's ear. And for the record I am not saying I this stage of the game you pick your battles right? She paid for it. She is responsible for it. She deals with the consequences of it.....and for the record Mr. Cheeky took her to get it - not me.

Sunday I went to see me some Indiana Jones.....LOVED IT!!! Yep I loved me some Indy and at this stage if I was to have another kid (no, I am not even thinking about it and NO I am not going there) it would be named Indy. Hmmmm maybe if I get a dog....

We also had some pretty big storms on Sunday. Golf ball sized hail. I have video...its cool. But I can't find the camera right now to show it to you.

Monday was spent cleaning the house. OK Mr. Cheeky did more than I did. I cleaned the office and my craft room. BUT the best news is....the stink pickle in the office was FOUND!!! It was well hidden behind the desk. I spent Monday evening singing with the manchild - some Conway Twitty and a lot of the muppets tunes....yes, we are well versed in musical genres in this house.


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