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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.....

It's meme time. I stole it from someone who stole it from a tramp who stole it from someone else....yes, I know, I have great taste in blogger buds (ya'll buncha thievin' tramps...hehehe - ya'll know I pink puffy heart ya) So here we go....

Outside My Window… dunno the windows are too dirty to see through.

I am thinking…I need to pay someone to come do my windows.

I am going…To consider looking in the phone book but there aren't many that do windows.

I am thankful for… the ability to read so I can look for someone to do my windows.

I finished… letting my fingers do the walking they got tired of looking for someone to come do my windows.

I am wearing… A nightie shirt (but what does that have to do with windows?).

I am creating… apparently nothing since I can't get inspired cause I can't see out my windows.

I am going… to go look on the net to find someone to do my windows.

I am reading… some online ads for window washers.

I am hoping… one of ya'll that are reading this here meme will take pity on me and come do my windows.

I am hearing… the sound of bugs committing suicide against my windows (which is why they need washing).

I have to tackle… apparently I have to tackle washing the windows since none of ya'll are gonna do it for me.

One of my favorite things… Good clean windows!

The BEST things about American Idol last night......That America got it right and David Cook won! He will do very well. And the second thing....The Pips!!! Seriously, that one on the right was sorta cute don't ya think?

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