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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

OK I broke down

I admit it, I am wimp. After fooling with that #$%%^$% PC for 8 hours on Sunday and going to bed exhausted and not sleeping well. Then getting up and the first thing I noticed was the anxiety I had over the #$^%Y% PC I made an executive decision. I was calling the Geek Squad (ok I was taking it in but you get the point). Yes, I know that its going to cost me $$ up front. Yes, I know this. But you know what, its worth it. Lets face it, I have already wasted 8 hours. Then I would have worried about it all week. Then when Mr. Cheeky gets home we will waste another day or two with both of us getting frustrated and snappy with each other and you know the scheme of things, its just not worth it. So, yesterday when I got home, I took it to the PC ICU. The geek behind the counter was funny, I knew I would like him when he looked and me and said "duuuude you gotta dell". He also liked my twang, and the fact that I was a gamer. So he understands that saving a character that I have been developing for almost 7 years is pretty important to me. He gets it. So, if you are so inclined, PC likes flowers and send them straight to the ICU!

OK now on to happier things.....SCRAPPP STAMPY GOODNESS! See this pic right here??


That is just part of my stash from the Expo on Saturday.....and HOPEFULLY....I just might get to play with some of it at some point this week. Yes, there is a set of potty humor stamps (can't wait to use them. I also learned some new techniques that I want to try. So, once I do get some time to play.....look out cause I will be sending them out randomly to my blogger buds (if you are not on the list and want to be email me with your addy).

Funny stuff happened yesterday but I can't remember it now. Just little tidbits. I really need to start walking around with a little note pad to capture this craziness.

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