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Friday, May 23, 2008

The nose knows.....

Or alternately titled.....How the girl got the crap scared out of her - literally.

Yesterday, mister adventurer, otherwise known as Sylvester, snuck out of the house and had a little adventure. No one even knew he was outside until Kitty Girl saw him and ratted him out. She was in the downstairs window meowing and manchild took notice. He saw Sylvester and went out to get him. No big deal. Right? Wrong! In the brief time that Sylvester was outside Kitty Girl apparently disowned him and decided she no longer had a brother because when he came in she acted like he was a brand new cat. Hissing, screaming and fighting ensued.

Now, Sylvester is not one to back away from some wraslin action. But he was playing, Kitty Girl wasn't. When Sylvester figured this out he went on the attack. And it was ugly. Kitty Girl had bitten off more than she could chew and litterally crapped her pants. On my rug. Seperate the cats. One in one part of the house, one in the other. Clean up and deodorize.

They were seperated for a while and Sylvester came to make ammends (its so funny watching him do that). Kitty Girl was having nothing of it. So she starts hissing and spitting and getting all scared again. And drops another stink pickle. In my bedroom. Seperate the cats. Clean up and deodorize.

Then one last time before bed we try to let them get along. Sylvester isn't doing anything wrong. Its all Miss Priss. Hissing, spitting and fighting (on her part - Sylvester was just standing there looking at this crazy woman wondering what he did). This time it was in the office. Seperate cats for the night.

Upon doing the last round in the house, turning off lights and making sure doors are locked I smell an aroma coming from the office. But can't find it. I assume that maybe I have the smell stuck there from previous incidents. I call teenage daugther, she smells it too. But we can't find it. We look everywhere and just can't find it. I open the window, close off the door and just go to bed. I can't take it anymore.

So now this morning, I am in the office. There is a faint odor but still can't find it. I guess I will be doing a major clean and moving furniture in this room tonight to find it. So far this morning the cats have not been reunited.

So, how's your Friday starting???

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