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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Its almost over......

It's almost time to ramp up card production again - woot! The recruiting contract that I have been working since March is coming to an end. Next Friday as a matter of fact. They were talking for the longest time about extending or making us full time but now they aren't so sure. Not that we (that would be me and two others) aren't total rockstars - cause we are, its because they have $$ issues. I am fine with this and quite frankly am looking forward to "retirement part deux" especially for the summer (and it will soooo allow me to spend more quality time blogging with the kids). The others I work with are not happy. One co-worker even turned down a job because she was told she was going perm. Not good. The only issue I have with this is that now I will have to drive further for my weekly lunch dates with Bella! Its cool - she's worth it.

I have a lead on another work from home position that I am going to follow up on. Its 100% commission but I am ok with that because I already have everything I need here at home and then they provide everything else. That is a sweet opportunity that I can't pass up. So we will see how it goes.

In the meantime, I feel my crafty mojo starting to flow again. I am itching to spend some quality time down in my craft room. I cleaned it up really purty like over the weekend and now its time to go make it messy again. Below are a few items I came up with last Friday night. I have already mailed them out to the intended receivers so its ok to post them now. I think most of you are on "the list" but if you aren't and you want to be just email me (the link is on my profile) with your mailing info and then I will mail little goodies to you from time to time.




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