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Monday, June 09, 2008

So I guess its time to update again

Have you missed me? Really? Well just lie to me and say you have mmmmkay? I had a lot of things going on last week and needed to take care of them. Nothing really great happened last week to recap so I will just start back with this weekend.

My niece from NC came in on Saturday. I picked her up from the airport and then we all (Niece, me, manchild and teenage daughter) went to eat Chinese at BoBo's. I had never been there before. It wasn't too bad. Everyone was pretty tired so we just sort of chilled here at the house for the night.

Sunday teenage daughter went to work and the niece and I went to brunch with Bella at the pit. Then we had to rush back to the house for the insurance adjuster (he was supposed to be there at 5 but called and asked if he could come earlier). He inspected the roof from the big hail storm a couple weeks ago and said we were "ok". Ummmm whatever, there will be more hail storms coming (we always get good storms). So then after the adjuster left, the niece and I headed out to see SATC. It was good. Sort of brought everything to a close as far as the story lines go which is nice. I really liked Jennifer Hudson as Carrie's assistant.

Today, it is very nice and sunny so I think we are going to do something outside - perhaps the zoo or go downtown. Everyone is still sleeping so we will see.

So that's my update. Ain't ya glad you waited a week to read it?

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