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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

OK so its July 1 you know what that means???

Its the beginning of what has traditionally been known as my BIRTHDAY MONTH!! so let the fun begin!!! WOOT!! As most of you know the official day is the 14th but I make it a month long celebration. To kick off the month properly, tomorrow I am going to Rocco Altobelli for a full day spa - don't hate.

It is also the end of one thing and the beginning of something else. Today is the last day of my contract. Yep - it ends today.....but don't cry for me cause yesterday I was offered a WORK FROM HOME job with another company! Can I get a Woot Woot?!! Ya'll know I worked from home for 2 years and LOVED it and now I am doing it again. The only catch is that it is 100% commission. Could be good, could be problematic (depending on how long it takes me to fill some jobs) but I am looking at it as being good. I have all the equipment I need (laptop, cell, internet) so I am ready to go. I am actually going to start working on the 14th (my b-day) since I am going on vacation next week. I will take my laptop in to their IT guy sometime this week to get all the stuff put on it I need. They do have an office locally so IF I want to go in I can AND its so laid back I can wear what I want....shorts, t-shirt, flip flops, wait - after I get to know them I am showing up in my bunny slippers....yes I am!

To continue video week - check this one out...."Can I have yo number?

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