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Monday, June 16, 2008

Another Monday

And I am going back to work. Before I took time off with my niece my contract was extended for another 90 days. Not complaining but I did get used to not having to get up and get dressed during last week. LOL

I had a GREAT visit with my niece. I have some more pics but alas its early and I am running late for work and I can't go dig them out right now.

Teenage daughter has decided to quit one of her jobs. Now that the summer is here each job was giving her a LOT of hours and its starting to take its toll. Its a mature decision. So she is keeping the ice cream gig that is close to the house. I like that it is close to the house because I am still playing taxi driver.

I am sunburned on my back and the back of my legs. Should make for an interesting day in work clothes.

That is my update for today. I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming and daily updates.

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