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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I had this great post

Had it right there in my head and ya know what? It escaped. Don't know where it went. Maybe its hiding and just playing peek a boo or something. I mean, it was such a good one. Had all the great elements of a fabulous post. Humor. Intrigue. Interesting twist at the end.....but yeah....its gone.

So, I guess I have to give you what I can come up with now, boring as it may be. Not much is going on these days at Chez Cheeky. I did get the final book in the series (that I talked about in my last post) and read it cover to cover in a day. Yes, it was 754 pages. Yes, it was good. A nice clean ending but if the author ever wanted to do another one she could. I like that. I went out yesterday and got another book by the same author. This one is a little odd. Was a little difficult getting my brain wrapped around what she was talking about (aliens instead of vampires) but its coming together nicely. I don't feel the need to sit and read this one in a single sitting like the others - which is fine. I am sure the kids will appreciate a warm meal or something. I am also going to be getting some of the ones that ya'll suggested too. My appetite for reading has really gone into overdrive lately.

My girl Bella is coming to be the HBIC of Chez Cheeky this weekend while I take some R&R WITHOUT the children. Let me repeat that last part for you WITHOUT.THE.CHILDREN. I am headed down to Florida for a few days. I intend on seeing the beach while there - the real ocean beach not some fake lake beach that they have here. Mother ocean is calling my name. Just listen... Cheeeeeeeeeky.....Cheeeeeeeeeky......can you hear it?? Well then, listen harder - geesh.

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