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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A weekend of doom and gloom

But I had a good time! This weekend on the History channel was "Armageddon Weekend" show after show after show about things that could "possibly" destroy the earth. Meteors, Super Volcanoes, Massive Earthquakes. It was quite interesting but I have always enjoyed science and stuff. And no doom and gloom weekend would be complete without a little Nostradamus predictions and of course the obligatory global warming. While I am on the subject - Can I share how much this whole global warming thing is getting on my last nerve? Seriously, almost every sci-fi movie I have seen in the theaters over the last year has included something about global warming (we won't even talk about The Happening - I just can't go there again and that is time out of my life I will never get back). Even Escape to Witch Mountain (which by the way is a decent rental but don't waste theater bucks on it unless you go for the popcorn like I do) had to have a reference. ENOUGH ALREADY!!! It doesn't matter if you buy into it totally, a little bit, or not at all. Just quit shoving it down my throat. Geesh - enough is enough.

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