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Thursday, October 22, 2009

I love people that can laugh

I had my pre-op doc visit last night. What a hoot. I have found a new doc! I saw this particular doctor when I had my physical back in August. My regular doc was on maternity leave. Well I liked the new one and when I needed to schedule my pre-op I asked for him. I don't think I have ever laughed so much at a doctor's visit. FUNNY! He is also a lover of books and we started talking about that and he made a few suggestions for me. I told him "ok, I'm gonna go get these books and if I read them and don't like them I am gonna call you and fuss and tell you I want X days out of my life back!" He thought that was funny. The topic moved to celebrities and we both have an appreciation for those that can laugh at themselves. Case in point - William Shatner. What a hoot! So of course the doc tells me about a CD that William put out where he is singing in the voice of Capt Kirk and then the doc proceeded to show me what he was talking about by imatating it. Hilarious! I am sure the nurses wondered what was going on....but then again they work with him so I am sure they are used to it.

So, yeah, I am changing primary docs. Why couldn't I have found this guy when I first moved?

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