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Monday, November 16, 2009

See that little ticker to the right....

Yeah the one with the New Moon countdown? Notice how it only has 4 days left...woohooo.

Went this weekend to see 2012. It was what I expected. It ran about 45 mins longer than it should have. Some scenes were a little drawn out. A few too many "close calls" but that is what you expect from this type of flick. The special effects were good. If you like this sort of movie - see it on the big screen for the effects.

Office move went well last week. Still lot of organizing to do in my new office but it will be ok.

Ready to start my Christmas shopping but I needs lists. I better get the lists soon....cause this here Cheeky doesn't do last minute shopping....oh no no. Too stressful.

So....come on.....tell Cheeky Claus what you want for Christmas....

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