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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ever wonder

What your interviewer is doing on the other end of the telephone? Well yesterday, if you happened to be one of the 8 people that were long winded and took 5 minutes to answer a 2 second question

(question: how many years experience? Answer: well just start talking for five minutes but don't answer the question so I have to ask it again and keep rambling so I can't get a word in and cut you off to get to the point - that was the story of my life yesterday)

- yeah, if that was you....I was putting you on mute and I was cussin you.....AND if you happened to be one of the last calls of the day doing that.....not only were you getting a few choice words thrown your way but then I was tearing you apart in my evaluation.

Oh and then, I would take you off mute and lie to you and say how it was a pleasure speaking to you and wishing you luck - knowing full well you just talked yourself right out of a job!

Day two of the sultry voice (guess my vocal cords aren't as young as they used to be).......TMP if this keeps up we will talk bidness soon.

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