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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Livin on a Prayer!!!

OK so....I am tired....worn knees hurt (and no I won't say from what) BUT...WE HAD A TOTAL BLAST!

I am going to be late for work so I am just going to give you a few tidbits and give the full story tomorrow (or tonight when I have more time).

Daughtry is good live.

Daughtry's drummer was channeling his inner eyes wide shut by wearing a mask while playing.

Cheeky to TD: I need some lip stuff and I left mine at home
TD: Here I have some
Cheeky: Ewwww its plain chapstick
TD: Well your not supposed to lick it

Katie was slightly late to meet us cause she got turned around.
TD to Cheeky: And ummm how long has she lived here?

The people sitting behind us think Katie and I are lesbians and we were there with our family.

The people sitting in front of us paid eighty bucks a pop to hear me and Katie give them a concert. I think it was worth it - we are that good.

The man sitting beside us (and we have his picture) didn't seem to be enjoying the show at all.....

It has been decided that I should put maracas on my hips for when they play Keep the Faith.

TD: "L" decided she was going to be Bob Marley for Halloween and I said I could be her joint.

TD got a free $45 T-shirt in her size no less. Apparently the people that were sitting behind us OR the people that were in our seats before we got there left it. We couldn't just leave it there right? It needed a good home. Of course man child and I needed to buy ours. We weren't that special.

If you are manchild and getting tired toward the end of the show and just want to go to sleep (sacrilege I know), your mom (me) will make you stand up and dance with her. She will make you shake your hips. She will make you sing with her.

Someone who talks for her job (that would be) should take care that when she goes to a show and sings, really loudly, and screams for 2 and half hours (that was just for JBJ - that doesn't include Daughtry OR the ride there). She might have a slight problem the next morning and sound all sultry with a deep voice the next morning - ....but I guess it would be a perfect voice for phone s*x.....but I don't do that...I'm just sayin...

Those are the highlights. More to come at 11.

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