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Monday, April 21, 2008

Don't make me go.....

I don't wanna go to work today ya'll. I have had such a nice weekend with Mr. Cheeky I don't wanna go to work if he is home. Yesterday was such a beautiful day I think it hit like 73 or something. All I know is that we opened up the windows and aired this place out! It is so nice to get fresh air after being all cooped up during a very looong winter. All the kids in the neighborhood were playing wiffle ball out back and it was good to hear them all playing and having a good time and no one fighting....yet.

It is supposed to be rainy this week but I don't care. Well, I will care when I have to drive in it LOL. Teenage Daughter has a softball game today. So I will be meeting Mr. Cheeky and manchild there on my way home. Its nice that Mr. Cheeky is here to help out with the taxi services. Its a small thing but it really is nice.

Since Mr. Cheeky is working from home this week we are calling the vet to see about getting screaming kitty declawed....maybe....if she can work it in.

OK I am late so I gotta run.....

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