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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It was a good day

Yes, I walked into a mound of paper. Yes, I had class without even knowing who was there and what jobs they were filling. But, it was good. The class had some really great people in it and they made it fun. Orientation in rarely fun.

Today starts the digging out process but I have a plan. I sort of mapped it out yesterday before I left and now I just go in and get it done. I have a few things that I need to be updated on - that is most likely happening today.

Being that it is a short week I am confused as to what day it is. This will be the case until the weekend when I straighten back out.

I watched AI last night....well I watched it off and on. I couldn't get into it just yet. Maybe next time. I don't have a favorite yet. Maybe that is my problem.

Cheeky who has a fresh cup o joe in hand and ready to take on the day!

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