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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Piss Off!!! (hahahaha)

I said that because me and the admin have this little inside joke. We both adore Hell's Kitchen and one of Gordon's favorite sayings is "piss off" so she and I will tell each other that and then giggle - yes we are immature. If anyone ever over hears us I am sure they will wonder why we are mad at each other but we just think its hilarious. I was even going to write it in her Administrative Professional's Day card today but being that we are in HR it probably wasn't appropriate.

Anyway, she was in a particularly good mood yesterday and I thought I was in a good mood too until she came over and said to me....."Are you pissy?" Ummmm I didn't think so. But apparently she was right. I was pissy for no reason but I guess it was just PMS or something. I didn't feel like I was but by the day's end I was ready to just tell a few people exactly which bridge they could jump off of and if they didn't want to jump I would be happy to push them. See, even writing this now...I seem ....well....pissy! But really, I am not.

This weekend is shaping up to be another rainy weekend so I think I am going to be crafting again. I seem to have found some crafty mojo and I want to capitalize on it while I can. I am thinking of setting up an Etsy shop for my cards. Ya'll get my cards, what do you think (and if you don't get them you should so just send me your addy and you'll start getting them)? And no, I am not looking for you to blow smoke up my butt and tell me I am great (well you could ... if you wanted to...HA!) but I think it would be fun and if I could make a buck or two then why not right? So tell me, should I set up shop? Would ya'll send buyers my way? Write raving reviews? (wait, can you do that on Etsy? I will have to look into it). I am not as talented as some crafters but I can hold my own AND a fellow blogger (who doesn't blog anymore ....does that make her a non-blogger?) showed me a link to a chic that has amazing ideas and well I can just build from there......

Cheeky - who has a ton of ideas floating around and must craft soon!

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