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Friday, January 01, 2010

I know I know

You have heard it ALL before but this time....I think I mean it...well at least I am gonna try no no - I am gonna do it! I am going to get back to blogging in 2010. I have lots of new and exciting things that are going to be happening this year and I just know that I am going to want to share them. So, my resolution this year is to blog.....daily....well at least during the week. I will allow myself breaks for holidays and vacations and the like.....but I will blog at least a little something daily.

Now I could recap 2009 but lets face it.....the beginning of 2009 totally stunk up the joint and didn't really turn around until June. BUT....the important thing is that it did turn around. So instead I will I share my New Year's Eve. I am down in GA for the new year.....and lets just say it beats being up in the cold cold cold of MN. Manchild and I are down here visiting with my cousins (teenage daughter has the house to herself....on New Year's I am not naive enough to think there wasn't a party at Chez Cheeky...but I will just say - sometimes ignorance really is bliss - HA...actually she was at a friend's house with parental supervision for the evening or so I am told and we will just leave it at that). He didn't know he had quite so many cousins on this side of the family. He met some of them once or twice before but he was little and quite a few more have been added since that time....last night he had some quality time with his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cousins. I think he had a really good time.

I bonded with my cousin Linda and we talked about how much weight I have lost (41 lbs in the last few months - woot woot) and how I should just throw out anything that is too big and get all new stuff (in case you didn't know - Linda likes to shop). She also said that I needed to go and buy myself some lacy draws (that would be lacy panties for you non-southern speaking people). And so that is what we are gonna do today....for the first day of the new year, Linda and I are going to continue to bond and go buy me some lacy draws to start the new year right.

Cheeky - who thinks everyone needs something new for the new go out there and stimulate the you some lacy draws!

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