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Monday, January 09, 2006

Cheeky's Back...back again...Cheeky's back...tell a friend!

She has returned! Now during the time I was away, things have changed dramatically and I am still having a hard time adjusting. In case you are new, I have moved from the wonderful paradise that is Charleston, SC to Otsego, MN! Just where in the world is Otsego? Good question, well it is NW of Minneapolis and if you are driving you just may miss it cause its still buried under snow!

Now over the past 2 weeks - it has been in the 30's here - I am told this is highly unusual and that this is considered a heat wave....excuse me?! Now I could tell you all of the lovely things that has happened since moving here (like getting a foot of snow the night we arrive in town) but I think I will just let it go.....I have been told that I am whining a bit much about it.

So for now, I will just keep hibernating and going outside as little as possible and start marking the days off my calendar.....I am hoping to go back to Charleston in February to throw my friend a baby shower (a Fri - Mon visit)....and then again late March/early April - for a "the baby is here" visit (this visit will be a "9 day visit").

So my friends, Cheeky is back in all her glory - and she is ready for "Way Back Wednesday" and "Stuff Portriat Friday" and whatever other little games she can find to keep her mind off of the snow.

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