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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Big ol' Jet Airliner

Don't carry me to far away......Ohhhhh big ol jet airliner.... cause its here that I got to stay.....

OK OK that is really more for the END of the trip - not the beginning but I always sing leavin on a jet plane and I thought I needed to mix it up a bit.


I will be getting on the plane at 10:30 and landing in Charlotte 2 hours later at 1:30. I know what you are thinking...that's not 2 hours - that's 3! Well duh! I cross a time zone.....geesh - has your easter candy sugar high not kicked in yet?

I will be having updates from the road and making notes along the way so I don't forget anything. Traveling with the kids always gives us funny little tidbits to talk about later.

I will get to see Mr. Cheeky today (in the words of TKW - bow chica wah wah). He flew up on Friday night. I haven't seen him for 2 solid weeks. But I only get to see him for a day then on Monday when I head out to Charleston, I will be dropping him off at the airport to go back to Florida. I will see him again when I get back from my trip.

I hope Patti, Stacy and Madison are able to meet us in Myrtle Beach for some Crabby Mike's goodness. Stacy promised to wear his man thong! And I sure Madison will be askin "where's miss Katie at?" cause apparently one of us can't go anywhere without the other. LOL

So Happy Easter to all my internet! I will most likely update again Monday night!

OH and SFG - Honey - slow down on the Reese Easter Eggs.....bwhahahahhaha!! (little inside joke there)

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