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Monday, April 28, 2008

Ok ummm where do I start?

I am on the road to recovery. As a matter of fact, I feel better than I have in almost 2 weeks. So thanks for your get well wishes - they worked. So let me give you some tidbits to catch you up:

I had a really nice weekend. Nothing really exciting going on. Mr. Cheeky is gone again for another 2 week stretch. It was nice having him home for a whole week. I can't remember the last time that happened. He says that after this current trip he will be home for like 3 weeks or something. I don't believe it - we will see.

Manchild "may" start soccer practice this week. They are having a hard time finding coaches. If they don't find a coach by Tuesday he may not play this season. Yes, they asked me and NO, I am not doing it. #1 I know NOTHING about soccer and #2 I play taxi driver during the week. I can't add to my schedule right now.

Teenage daughter got a "perm"...the first one ever in her life and she was the one that wanted it (I tried to talk her out of it but its her head). Pics will be coming.

I have done some research on my condition (the reason I was in pain last week) and I think I can manage it. I just have to find my "triggers" - that will be the hardest part. And I know some of you are scratching your heads and thinking "well what is the condition" and while I have no problem telling you I don't necessarily want to put it out there ya know? So if you wanna know just email me (the link is on my profile) and I will tell ya.

Since moving job functions I don't like going to work anymore. Its not the work I am doing. I am actually a rockstar at it (no I am not bragging - it clear I am doing it better than the others) - its the middle management guy. Yeah - not liking him at all.

We got snow this weekend - at the end of April. Enough said.

I tried to catch up on ya'll this weekend. I am almost caught up on others. Even if I don't comment as much I am still coming around. I haven't forgotten about ya.

That's the quick update for now......Ya'll come back now - ya hear!

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