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Monday, September 22, 2008

Movie Weekend

So this weekend I saw a couple of movies. Man child and I went to see Igor on Friday night. Very cute. Better than I thought it would be. Yesterday, I went to see Burn After Reading. I was disappointed. I really didn't like the way it ended and for once I agree with a movie critic that said it was "dumb and dumber for smart people". It had so much potential but just didn't live up to it in my opinion. Brad Pitt did play a great role though. In my book it may be worth a rental but I wouldn't recommend going and paying theater prices for it.

Other than the movies I pretty much spent the weekend cleaning. Exciting I know. I am ready to start decorating for Halloween but I am refraining until at least October.

That's it....that's all I have for now. My blogging mojo seems to have gone on vacation. I think its time to come home - don't you?

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