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Monday, November 03, 2008

Do I offend?

There is something going on around here and its just not clear. Recently, my comments have pretty much dwindled to nothing. Is it because I have been busy with the new job and haven't had as much time to comment on yours? Is it because I went (and continue to deal with) something for the majority of this year and didn't necessarily discuss it publicly? Is it because that dealing with my personal issue has caused me to "lose my music" and therefore I don't sing on here anymore? (which for the record I am working on this demon and hope to have it tackled soon) Is it because ya'll are all really busy with reading political things and will be coming back soon? Or is it a sign that perhaps my readership is down and I should start commenting more my self on others? Or maybe....just maybe it is a subtle hint that it is time to give this up? The jury is still out.

On last Thursday's post I asked ya'll to ask me some questions and I would answer. I got whole big 2! Yeah....see.....I told ya....comments are down. OR maybe ya'll already know everything there is to know.....yeah, I will go with that one for a while.

Bella asked: "How is the job going?"

The job is GREAT. I work really long hours but only by choice. I go in and hour and a half early every day and leave past the time (usually) that most everyone else leaves. I work hard but I really enjoy it. And while it may not pay as much as some of the other positions I have held in the past, I know at the end of the day, the work I have done will benefit people in ways that I can never really understand. Let me explain that last statement. I recruit people to work with those with developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injuries. So the work I do has a direct effect on some one's life out there and if I have done my job well, it is benefiting that person in ways I can never imagine. Yes, its a temp job for right now but I am having a blast.

Kai asked: How I met Mr. Cheeky and to tell them about our first date. Well, I met Mr. Cheeky in the 7th grade. We went to the same middle school but were different "pods" - I was in the smart people pod and he was in the everyday people pod (ok not PC but I don't know how else to say it) but we all went together as a grade to get our water safety certification from the Y! That is where we met. In the pool. If I remember correctly, the first official "date" was going to the movies to see Back to the Future and yes, his parents drove.

There you have it! The answers to the questions. Tomorrow's post will be my weekend update!

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