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Monday, February 23, 2009

Soooooo........what did you do?

Did you do your RAK?? I did. This weekend I headed to Costco to get a few things - some I needed, some I didn't. As usual custom, I got a soda before even going in....because....of food samples. I have to have something to wash it all down. I was standing in line there was a woman in front of me with a young child...maybe 3 or 4 and she had her hands full. She was ordering lunch (hotdog, soda, smoothie and something else, I forget). As she was holding too many things in her hands while trying to keep an eye on the kid, she realized she was a dime. Now she did ask if they took credit/debit cards at the concessions - which they didn't. Then she turns around with that "please help me or I am going to...(insert word here)" looks. You know the look. The look of a Mom at her wits end. So as she was looking me with that look she asked if I could spare a dime. I was already digging in my purse before she even asked. It was a dime. If that is all it took to help make her day a little better then I was more than happy to give it. Just a dime. Meant very little to me. Meant a lot to her.

And I was also given a RAK by my neighbor across the street. See, it snowed Friday night. About 3 inches or so. Not a huge amount. But being that this was a lazy weekend, the driveway didn't get shoveled. Late Saturday afternoon, my neighbor came out and snow blowed his drive....then proceeded to come over and do mine. For no reason other than #1 it needed to be done and #2 he likes playing with his snow blower. Such a nice thing to do. It was fun for him, meant a lot to me.

The weekend itself was pretty lazy. Lots of eating bad stuff that was full of fatty goodness and had absolutely no nutritional value at all. All.weekend.long. Watched a lot of TV, played games, played in my crafty room. I started working on my new little crafty project and I like it. I am hoping to make it part of my Easter cards this year. That is of course if I can figure out the rest of the design.

That was my was yours?

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