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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

How can you sufficiently play in blogs when all your stuff is in boxes?

Yes my friends, I am whining again (this is your only warning). I was all stoked and ready to get back playing Way Back Wednesday (courtesy of MamaDuck) and as I was thinking of what I was going to write about it occurred to me......How can I play when I can't find pics because they are stuffed away in some *@#$% unpacked box that I won't find again until the next freakin' move?

Now I could do some newer pics and put them here but that really isn't playing fair now is it? And yes, I could "talk" about my 15 minutes of fame but without the exciting pics it really isn't that fabulous.

So, I went back through some fairly recent pics on my PC trying to find something suitable and realized that I move entirely too much! Just from 2003 to now I have lived in 4 count them 4! seperate houses (including this one) in 3 states! That my friends is ridiculous! One in NC, two in SC, and now the icicle that is MN!

Before things get really depressing I should end this post......and find my pics!

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