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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ever have one of those days??

I have been in a strange mood the last several days and I am really feeling it today. Hormones? Yeah, could be but we can't blame everything on hormones (unless of course it works in our favor to do so..haha). Just kind of a in a "blah" mood. It is probably my lack of fresh air and sunshine (although there is some strange bright ball in the sky today....not quite sure what it could be). Could be that I am tired of being cold all the time. Could be that I so need to get out of this house cause its driving me nuts. Could be that on a preliminary look at my taxes it appears that Cheeky will be opening her purse shoveling out approximately $5500 to good ol' Uncle Sam again this year. Could be that I am in serious need of an oyster roast (and thanks to my good friends and neighbors in Charleston - I will be getting one in 4 weeks - woohoo!). So my friends, I am in a slump - any suggestions to bring me out?

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