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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

X-Rays, MRI's, Bon Jovi and More.....

I have been slack in my blogging updates so I thought I would catch everyone up in one big update. Remember back in November when I went to see Bon Jovi and had a blast all the drinking and dancing and how I needed time to recover cause I was getting old (look in the archives for the details)?

Well, I did something more than just have a good time. Apparently, in all that dancing I did something to my left knee (NO I didn't fall on it). I just thought maybe I pulled it or over extended it or something.....NOPE. I have been in pain ever since the concert. Before joining the local gym and getting back to my workout routine, I thought it would be smart to go have it checked out before injuring it further. So, off to the doc I go on Tuesday. He does a quick exam, and after telling me how mild the winter has been (I get it people, this is what you consider mild - but its not Charleston so quit telling me how nice it is outside - as far as I am concerned it might as well be the freakin north pole) said "we are going to take some x-rays but I suspect they will come back ok - I think you have torn some cartiledge in your knee which is why its not feeling better after all this time because it is not going to heal by itself.(umm what does that mean?) If the x-rays come back clear, I am going to send you for an MRI." So my friends, as you read this, I will be getting my MRI Thursday morning. UGH!

Now, Friday night (tomorrow)- I am going to yet another Bon Jovi concert and I was all psyched up to be able to act like a teenager again and in the process completely embarrass my teenage daughter. But nooooooo, I have to take it easy or risk damaging the knee even more.....sigh! Hmmm you think if my people get in touch with Jon's people he will show me some sympathy and come sing to me?? HEY! A girl can dream can't she? So my friends I will leave you with the immortal words of Jon Bon Jovi... "When the world gets in my face I say...Have a Nice Day!!

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