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Monday, January 16, 2006

Learned Something New

See - I CAN be trained..haha. Thanks to Angry Dad I have learned how to add a link to my sidebar...woohoo!

I have also learned that procrastination can cost you $$. I waited to buy my tickets to Charleston (to throw a baby shower for my friend) a few days too late and of course the price went up. Not drastically, but I do have to make every cent count. I have also learned that this trip home will be completely tax deductible (oh yeah baby). See, since moving to the great white north, I have become self employed and I am now contracting for my former company and for another company in SC. So, if I go and see them while I am home....then "voila" tax deductible. And so, I am planning a trip to Columbia while I am there.

So my blogger friends I can be taught. Anything else I should know? Leave a comment and tell me about it ...

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