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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Somethings you just can't live without!

You never really appreciate the little things until you don't have them anymore. Wonderful things like "Texas Pete" hot sauce, "Dukes" mayo, and "Merita" bread. So when I came back from my trip home to Charleston yesterday, my suitcase was filled with all those things you can't get up here in the frozen land that is MN. Now of course, bread doesn't travel well in a suitcase but 3 very LARGE bottles of Texas Pete does!!(and yes I am making some hot wings this weekend!) But my only southern friends will appreciate the little gold mine that I found today when going to the grocery store.....there it was hidden between the "off brands"....there it was that glorious product that can only truly be appreciated by those that have tasted this nectar of the gods....yes, my friends I found SUN DROP!!! Now if you have never been in the south the best way to describe what sun drop is would be to say it is kinda sorta like Mountain Dew ONLY BETTER! (even comparing it to Mountain Dew is just plain blasphemy). Yes, it was there in a twelve pack! And now, I sit here drinking my second can of SUN DROP (I refuse to ever call it POP).....and all I can say is AAHHHH!!

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