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Thursday, February 23, 2006

I just don't understand

OK, I need to vent a little today about the events in Cheeky's household last night. You have all heard me whine and moan about moving. Its been hard for me to leave some of the best friends I have had as an adult. This has also been hard on the teenage daughter. She has handled it well so far. But last night was just too much. See, the daughter has made a few new friends but is afraid to get too close (which is completely understandable). She has spent some time with these new so called friends and I thought things were going fine but as it turns out....I could not have been more WRONG!

These girls are just plain mean. We have all seen the news stories of how kids get online and harass and bash other kids and I thought "hmm will never happen to us" well....I was wrong again. Last evening the daughter came in my office in tears and completely upset (yes, she is a girl but she not your typical emotional little priss). She showed me what these girls are doing and saying and I was in shock. The long and short of it is one of them is having a party this Friday and the daughter is a little uncomfortable with the crowd and doesn't want to go. These girls bashed her leaving messages on her myspace like F* You just F*ing go back to where you F*ing came from we don't want you here (but this wasn't all). This coming from supposedly sweet 13 yr old girls. After comforting the daughter, my first reaction was to call up the parents of the girls and share what they are doing. The daughter informs me that at least one of these little witches talks to her mom like that all the time. Excuse me?!? Ever hear of soap in the mouth? It works wonders. But I have been rethinking the "calling of the parents" - if these witches are doing this crap now - it will only get worse if I tell the parents.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying I have a perfectly innocent daughter that never says or does anything wrong, but as a Mom I will defend her to the end when she has been wronged. I know there are some battles that kids have to fight on their own, it is part of growing up - but you mess with my daughter you mess with me - you mess with one of us - you mess with all of us!

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