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Friday, March 31, 2006

Stuff Portrait Friday

Its that time again. If you don't know what SPF is head on over to Kristine's place for the rules. This weeks assignment:

1. Your Washer and Dryer.
2. Your Robe (if you don't have one of these wait, how can you live without a robe? NO ONE should ever have to live life without a robe! GO BUY ONE!)
3. A flower (it's supposta be spring remember?)

So here you go.....

Washer & Dryer - this are the one's currently in use

Now is seems that every time I move I always end up with an extra washer/dryer. So here is a set that came with this house (but is hanging out in the garage):

My Robe:

Yes, it ratty and old but its soft and comfy

A Flower:

Ok, it might be spring where you live I live in (say it with me people) Minnefreakinsota!! So unless I go out and buy them, I do not have any flowers. So, I improvised and took a picture of a flower candle holder that I have.

Did ya play....tell me tell me I wanna see!

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