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Monday, March 27, 2006

I love to see kids earning their keep....

Today, the kids are out of school. Usually this means a day of doing basically nothing except watching TV, eating and driving mom crazy. Not today.....the man child has discovered that if he volunteers to do things around the house....he will get paid (cha ching). So yesterday, he cleaned his room extra special good (in his words) which earned him $5.....then he said....I will clean the kitchen for an extra $1. Well alrighty then....go for it! He did a great he got a bonus $1.

The teenage daughter has decided that she wants some of this action today she is cleaning the hardwood floors, vacuuming the entire house (minus the upstairs bedrooms - the man child is handling that one), and helping cook dinner. Of course there is cash involved - but they work cheap. The man child has scrubbed out his bathroom, including the toilet, cleaned the mirror and is vacuuming the upstairs rooms (which he is doing now....and get this...he is whistling while he is doing it).

Both of the kids were on "poop patrol" as well. Basically it involves cleaning the back yard area that Willie uses as his own personal puppy potty. The man child said "I will do it for $20....hmmm....then the teenage daughter outbid him....."I will do it for $5" she said - DEAL!

I see how his could be used to my advantage.....get them into a bidding war and then say....."deal? or no deal?"

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