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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Way to go Sissy! You Rock!

This post is in honor of the teenage daughter. While she is only in the eighth grade she found out yesterday that she will be playing softball for the highschool. That's right - my girl made the team!! Now what does this mean for me - early morning practices (6am!), after-school practices, fund raisers (anybody want to buy tickets to see the Minnesota Twins play the Yankees? come on you know you want to go), uniform purchases (including practice uniforms), I will whine and moan about it (cause that is what I do) but in the end I will get to see my girl play ball and have a great time doing it! So look out - there will be lots of pictures in weeks to come (hope you are a softball fan).

Oh and in case you are wondering - the top pic is a recent self portrait of the teenage daughter that she put on her myspace. And yes I have more attractive photos of her - I thought this one was funny.

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