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Monday, March 06, 2006

Mommy K - I miss you girl! This one is for you

This post was going to be completely different but after reading TKW and Dallas K's posts I realized how much I still miss my friends in SC. The meds are kicking in so I am not as depressed and I have stopped sobbing every 5 seconds but I miss my friends - and today Mommy K - I am missing you.

I met Mommy K when we were in elementary school in NC and we went all the way through high school together. Imagine my surprise that the I found out she was in Charleston when I moved back there. We hooked up and it was just like we were in high school again. I call her Mommy K because she is preggo with her first baby and gonna pop any day now. I am sad because I wanted to be there for her. I am sad because the teenage daughter was going to be the instant baby sitter for her.

But today I am sad because I finally have my scrapbooking room all ready to go....and sitting down there scrapping by myself is just sad. I miss our "panty party" weekends where Mommy K would come and stay the night and we would spend the nights scrapping, talking, and basically giggling like we were school girls.

Yes, I know, I am going back home in a few weeks to see her (after the baby Duncan is here) but right now I am missing her a lot. All I can say is thank goodness for cell phones with unlimited minutes!

So Mommy K - this shout out is for you girl! I love ya and miss ya and I can't wait to come see ya!

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