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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Thoughts on American Idol (yes I am hooked)

I have to say the group of candidates this year is really good. And I am pleased to see that the south is so well represented this season. I am actually enjoying watching this group of kids. I absolutely adore watching Taylor (and please please please don't change your hair - dude take a stand). Chris - Dude you rock! Bucky - what is up with that hair last night? Did ya get in a fight with the curling iron? I think the curling iron won. Ace - you are a pretty boy and yeah you can sing - but Chris beat you out. Kevin - I just think its time you go (unless you get the sympathy vote). Paris - girl you are good but you are starting to get on my nerves. Kellie - you are cute but lose the ditzy blonde routine. The others are ok - but I have to admit I want the final two to be Chris and Taylor (and I think Chris deserves to win). I reserve the right to change my views after each weeks show!

Do you watch? Agree or disagree? Tell me what you think.

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