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Monday, March 20, 2006

Ahhhhhhh.....Finally Relaxation

Saturday was a day of pure indulgence. I spent almost 7 hours being pampered at Rocco Altobelli. Facial, full body massage, food, hair (I can't believe I let them cut several inches off - but it looks great!), manicure, pedicure, and a goodie bag to take home. If you EVER get a chance to indulge yourself - a day spa is the way to go.

Now, I am not a girly girl, but I am picky about a few things and if you know me IRL then you know I have to have good nails (not necessarily long but at least manicured) and you absolutely positively cannot wear sandals without a proper pedicure. I have to say I LOVE my nails. They gave the best manicure/pedicure I have ever had. And the color - wow - its called Romeo and Juliet by OPI. Its dark and beautiful (I am not usually one to wear such dark colors - but this is nice).

Yes, it was an expensive indulgence but one that I intend to repeat.

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